Your top picks

Saying a big hello to fresh favourites is one of the best parts of launching a new collection.

Over on our socials, we recently asked you to choose your top picks and share what makes them special. Lots and lots of you got involved (thank you!) and we were blown away by the thoughtful comments and wonderful variety of styles chosen.

Read on to discover your new season picks. Maybe you’ll find another favourite?

Super sunflowers

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I absolutely love the sunflower dot shirred dress. I love the floaty fabric and delicate floral design.


Love this gorgeous sunflower dress! And the boys shirt to match... seriously tempted to get them for my three little treasures!


Farmer Baa Baa jumper

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I adore this jumper. A sheep driving a tractor - inspired!


I think the Farmer Baa Baa collection is gorgeous. I can see my little one strolling around in these styles on our farm visits!


Patchwork planet leggings

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My little girl will absolutely love these! Lovely to see the bright colours and a new style.


Ooh, the patchwork planet leggings, those flares are 🔥


Rainbow caterpillar

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I’ve got my eye on the rainbow caterpillar collection for my baby boy due on Tuesday.


I'm drawn to anything rainbow, so I love the rainbow caterpillar collection. Rainbows make me happy.


Hermitage knit jumper

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I love all the jumpers but the Hermitage knit jumper is my fave - we all need more colours in our lives.


Absolutely love the Hermitage knit jumper. Bright and full of spring colours.


Hello Earth skort

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We love a skort! So useful!


Hello Earth is so bright and fun!



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I am loving your steggie jumper - it is the perfect transition to spring!


I love the dino watch jumper and so does my son!



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I absolutely love the bumble range in the new collection, the colours are so bright and fun. We love spending time in our wildlife garden as a family and these remind me of those happy times.


I love the colours of the lil' bumblebee dungaree set. I think my daughter would look fab in it.


Flower patch

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I live in your Highcliffe dresses so would love to own the flower patch one.


I absolutely love my Kite loungers and the flower patch ones would be a lovely addition to my wardrobe!


Chesil poplin dress

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My favourite is the ladies' Chesil dress as it is a lovely spring-like yellow with flower sprigs and has a matching dress for girls, plus the new neckline and sleeve look great.


The Chesil poplin dress is adorable and would add sunshine to even the dullest day.


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