Wrap it well

Did you know that each UK household is estimated to create three and a half black bags of festive packaging?

To help reduce this, we want to share ideas about how you can wrap up Christmas more sustainably this year.

Read on to find our simple swap suggestions for wrapping and sticking, as well as some fab creative ideas to help us all wrap well this festive season.

Our simple swaps

Wrapping paper

Sticky tape

Need a gift tag?

Our gift wrap ideas

Decorate your own

Create an upcycled Santa's sack

Origami gift boxes

YouTube tutorials

Sew a gift bag

Youtube tutorials

Top recycling tips

If you're buying gift wrap, look for recycled and fully recyclable varieties. If it features foil or glitter it can't be recycled.

On the wrapping paper you receive, do the scrunch test. If it stays scrunched up it's good news and can be recycled. If it doesn't then unfortunately it needs to be placed in the waste bin.

Don't forget to remove all sticky tape and gift tags from wrapping before putting it in the recycling bin.

Find out more about recycling wrapping paper here.

We hope you have found some new ideas and inspiration to help wrap up Christmas well.

If you have ideas of your own we'd love to hear about them via our social channels or email.