New season top picks

When we launch a new collection, we can't wait to find out which styles are your favourites.

We recently asked you to choose your top picks and share why you love them.

We were overwhelmed with lovely words and amazing feedback, so we wanted to share some of your comments below.

Rainbow knit dungarees

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We love the rainbow knit range. It’s so bright and happy and great for boys or girls!


I love the rainbow knit dungarees. I had a previous pair from Kite for my little boy and they lasted really well as he grew. Also, he was so comfortable in them and looked a dream.


Strawberry pinafore

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The strawberry pinafore dress is my fave! My little one loves strawberries.


I love everything for my little girl in the strawberry dream range.


Best day ever leggings

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My four year old would love your best day ever styles. Tractors are his fave.


We love the best day ever leggings. My little one lives in Kite leggings, they’re fab!


Bumble blooms

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I love the bumble blooms print! Would love to twin with my little one in these.


I'd choose everything bumble blooms, I'm bee obsessed!


Retro knit zippy

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I love the retro knit zippy! Very cool and will pass approval with the biggest one.


Parley cardigan

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It would be lovely to wear rainbow colours and match my little ones! I love the new collection.


I’d normally choose something cute and colourful for the kids but I 100% need the Parley cardigan in my life.


Sunset stripe cardi

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I’m in love with the sunset stripe cardigan and would pair it with the cygnet leggings. The colours give me such positive, springtime vibes!


The sunset styles make me feel like beautiful light evenings are on their way!


Flower time

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My daughter loves the flower time leggings and the puppy playtime t-shirt. It makes the perfect spring outfit.


There's too many to choose from in the new kids range. I love bumble blooms, flower time, and strawberry dream!


Ticking dungarees

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The ticking dungarees are so cute and easy to wear (especially with the grandad top).


I just love the red and white ticking dungarees, and so many lovely t-shirts!


Hooray jumper

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This jumper really makes me smile.


I love the hooray jumper. Those stripes!


Rempstone dungarees

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I love the Rempstone dungarees in ladies and girls. #Twinning.


Froglet puddlepack jacket

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Froglet has my heart. I need everything!


Pond life

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I love the retro feel of the pond life loungers. I used to wear things like this when I was a toddler!


The pond life skater dress is an absolute MUST HAVE!


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