Repurpose your pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is an iconic part of Halloween and, according to Hubbub, Britain will buy a whopping 40 million pumpkins this year! But scarily, more than half will be thrown away.

To help reduce this startling statistic, read on to discover ideas packed full of pumpkin fun, as well as ways to sustainably dispose of them after the Halloween hijinks has ended.

Let's help stop the pumpkin dumping!





Get ready for next year

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Top safety tips

It is recommended you don't try to cut through the pumpkin stem as it is incredibly tough.

Ensure you remove any stickers and candle wax before recycling. If there is any paint or bleach on your pumpkin, it must be kept away from animals.

You shouldn't eat a pumpkin that's been carved and used for decor. You can only eat the innards whilst carving, or whole decorative pumpkins.