Earth Hour

We recently took part in Earth Hour, a global movement organised by WWF, designed as a reminder of the importance of our planet and the need to protect it.

Over the weekend, more than 1.4 million hours were given to the Earth globally, which is around 160 years!

Discover what the Kite HQ team got up to both together and individually to raise awareness and make a (small!) difference.

Kite's hour for the Earth

Our observations

What we got up to

Over the weekend, many of the team decided to give some additional hours to our planet.

There are lots of easy ways to spend an hour helping the Earth. Read on to find out what we did and hopefully you might get a little inspiration too.

Swapping one journey

Trying something new

Using the elements

Growing your own

Cooking up a storm

We had a thought-provoking time taking part in Earth Hour and we appreciated taking the time to think about our planet and the ways we can help.

It's also great to remember that it's ALWAYS good to give time to the Earth when we can. Being mindful of our planet is important every single day.